Friday, June 26, 2015

Jakob Bengel Art Deco Modernist Jewelry

Jakob Bengel was a German costume jewelry designer who produced his experimental industrial pieces from 1924-1939.   Bengel's jewelry was highly influenced by the Art Deco and Bauhaus movements, emphasizing modern design in art and architecture.

The pieces below have a highly stylized industrial feel.  Red, black and silver features prominently in these designs, accentuating modern shapes and angular forms which were characteristic of the art deco style.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Animal Instincts Bakelite Jewelry Brooches

Whimsical animal jewelry is part of the classic Bakelite repertoire!   Popular Scottie dogs can be seen in many Bakelite pins and jewelry.   The unusual pin listed below actually has kitschy red cherries dangling from the Scottie pin!   This design is just too adorable!

Source: LizyStuff

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Studded Bakelite Bangle Jewelry

What makes Bakelite so intriguing to so many collectors?   

For me, its the fascinating colors used in Bakelite designs.   Rich Purples, Butterscotch, Applejuice, Stardust, Lime Greens, Cherry Reds, and Sunny Yellows all make up the kitschy colors of Bakelite jewelry!   The modern hardware found on these vintage finds shows their lasting appeal to so many people.

Can you believe these bangles are from the 1930's?   The studded hardware on a Butterscotch background look so modern.   The would easily fit in today's runway fashions. 

Source: Pinterest.

This amazing 1930's Bakelite bangle can be found at VaudevilleGypsy on Etsy.  The hardware is designed in a geometric Art Deco pattern.  What a splendid find!

This third fantastic find is on sale at ReclamationShop on Etsy.   The seller says it is 1950's stock and I am taking the liberty of saying it has wonderful brass hardware studs attached to and chocolate brown/vanilla Bakelite.

These jewelry pieces are terrific examples of the vintage finds still out there, waiting for new homes!  With so many appreciative buyers, it won't be long until these pieces are off the market!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Repurposed Jewelry Design

You know what's hot in jewelry design this summer?   Repurposing, or re-constructing jewelry from old pieces of vintage jewelry, magazines, clocks, dishes, books, clothing, chain, or other items, is being done by many designers now.    I began repurposing jewelry about 7 years ago and I find it the most rewarding thing I have done.    Besides that, its just plain fun to see what new pieces can be made from old, throw-away items!   And they are so chic to wear ...

This piece of steampunk industrial jewelry comes from   The repurposed watch and chain adds vintage-cool to this hot summer item!

This next item from ChicMaddiesBoutique is designed with vintage earrings which have been repurposed into modern-day bridesmaid bracelets.   Tres Chic!

Our third selection of repurposed comes from   These bangles were made with recycled magazines.    They look fabulous!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Colors 2015

In jewelry design, color is definitely key.   Designers want to keep up with the latest color trends in fashion as their customers want an updated wardrobe and need coordinating pieces to wear.

This season's hottest colors include:

Scuba Blue:

Lucite Green:

Strawberry Ice:

These colors are cool and fresh.   They can be used in a multitude of ways to create colorful new designs that will leave your customers wanting more!